Although the alpaca industry in Britain is younger and still in its developing stages Matthew and Catherine saw huge potential in breeding alpacas not only in the UK but also as a door to Europe. With Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Ireland and many other European countries embracing the Alpaca The obvious step for EP Cambridge Alpacas was to not only invest in this growing market but to help through our experiences make the UK and Europe a leading force throughout the  genetic world of alpacas.

The opportunity to invest in the pre eminent Arunvale alpaca herd and subsequent merger with a large number of other experienced shareholders in Atlantic Alpacas Ltd was too inviting and considering the quality of the alpacas we were acquiring we knew that our foray into Britain could only be prosperous.

EP Cambridge Alpacas is committed to contributing to the UK industry in the same way as we have throughout the past 25 years in Australia. With dedicated, loyal staff and careful, experienced alpaca breeding practices we believe that EP Cambridge Alpacas UK will continue to produce superior, desirable bloodlines.

We have established our alpaca stud as not only nationally but also internationally renowned through our continual confidence in the Alpaca industry and consistent show successes.

Ep Cambridge is based in Baydon, Wiltshire.

Our ethos at EP Cambridge Alpacas UK is founded on a genuine and total commitment to both our customers and our alpacas.

Throughout the latter part of 2005, Matthew and Catherine initiated the amalgamation of our acquisition in Arunvale Alpacas, and our relationship with Atlantic Alpacas to form the merged entity of EP Cambridge Alpacas UK. We are committed to developing and growing the UK and European Alpaca industry under the same motto as that of our Australian operation “Where Breeding is Everything”!

We don’t breed alpacas simply to sell on for a profit – we are in the alpaca business because we love working with the animals and are totally committed to their long term existence in the UK. We do however have a selection of alpacas for sale at all times.

Our customers also appreciate our personal approach. Buying an alpaca from EP Cambridge Alpacas UK is just the first step in an on-going two-way relationship, where we ensure you get the very best out of your investment. After-sales support is much more than a mere afterthought, and each year we travel 15,000 miles providing support and advice to new alpaca owners.

We are extremely proud of the quality of our English alpacas and now only import alpacas in order to enhance the quality of our breeding stock. Our focus is on providing a comprehensive all-round service for alpaca owners from all backgrounds and degrees of experience, where the sale of alpacas is just a small part of the service we provide.

We have alpacas for sale – females, stud males and castrated males, all individually registered with the British Alpaca Society, which enforces rigorous screening requirements. All our female alpacas come with a health certificate, and if pregnant we also provide a pregnancy certificate.