Cambridge Invictus, Firedragon's elite!

Cambridge Invictus, elite son of Firedragon

When EPC paid $150,000 for Windsong Valley Firedragon to further our "coloured" breeding herd we also believed he would do our white herd no damage either!!!

Well here is EP Cambridge Invictus!

The first mating Firedragon had on arriving at our Australian stud farm, was to no other than our superstar female Verona.

Those breeders who follow genetics closely will no doubt realise that Verona is the dam of the 2012 British Futurity Sires Champion "EP Cambridge Top Account of Fowberry".

A true Super sire who astonishingly won the title with less than 10 entries- A strike rate we doubt will ever be repeated!!

So here is Firedragon's first born EPC baby- Invictus!

Happy Days!!!!!!



Invictus Fleece